Quality, Health & Safety and Environment Policy Statement

(Quality ISO 9001:2015, Environment ISO 14001:2015, Occupational Health & Safety 45001:2018 Standards)

S. S. LOOTAH READYMIX CONCRETE LLC Management is committed to produce quality Readymix concrete at competitive price on time with the aim to meet customer requirements, to enhance customer satisfaction and to provide safe working environment

S.S. LOOTAH READYMIX CONCRETE LLC. QHSE Policy is achieved by means of:

 Adopting management system in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 Standards.

 Engineering products and services that meet product technical specifications and achieve functions requirements with respect to performance and reliability.

 Adopting customer focus, leadership, team work, process approach, continual improvement, factual based decision making and mutual beneficial relationship management principles to operate and continually improve the effectiveness of QHSE Management System.

  Management commitment in providing safe and healty working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury or ill health to the employees and visitors arising from our work activities.

 Adopting risk based management system that focuses on internal & external risk elements to ensure that business, customer, legal and other requirements are met consistently.

 Implementing effective training process to enhance employee competence.

 Developing system to retain the knowledge acquired in SSRM for enhancing the employees competence and process performance.

 Preventing pollution to the environment with the use of non-polluting techniques and best practices.

 Using the best available technology where economically viable to achieve continually improvement in environmental performance.

 Committing to reduce / preserve the natural resources.

 Consulting and participation of workers, and where they exist, workers representatives in issues related to their health and safety.

 Developing effective emergency response plans to manage the emergency incidents with the aim of minimizing losses to the personnel and to the properties.

 Complying with all applicable legal & regulatory and other requirements.

 Using state of the art technology computerized batching plants with high precision scales to manufacture the quality and high performance concrete.

 Ensuring the suitability of equipment used in operations.

 Communicating QHSE Policy to all interested parties.

 Establishing and strive to achieve measurable objectives to demonstrate commitment to continually improve the performance of management system.

 Reviewing QHSE Policy periodically to ensure that policy remains relevant and appropriate to the scope of organization.

 Continually improving the effectiveness of management system.